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Vulcan Storm
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Concrete Shelters
Vulcans precast  concrete shelters meet and exceed FEMA regulations. These shelters are made of concrete and are reinforced with Helix Steel Fibers that are homogenously mixed into the concrete.
Above Ground or Hillside

   6' wide x 12' length x 6'10" height (inside)
   Weight 33,000 lbs

   5' wide x 8' length x 6'10" height
   Weight 22,000 lbs

Features and Advantages
    * FEMA 320 Compliant
    * Walls, Floor and Roof are 6" concrete
         5,000 PSI
    * Anchored to ground with 4 steel screws
       and 2 Metal Straps
    * Conduit is in the concrete for electrical
       wiring. (Wiring by others)
    * Two 8" metal air vents
    * Door is in swing with welded hinges
      and 3 point lock system

         5' x 8' Above Ground
Will you be ready when a tornado
        strikes where you live?
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       Concrete Hillside
           Concrete Hill Side
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     6' x 12' Hill Side  Concrete Shelter
New!! Add color to any shelter
Color is added to concrete during pour

New Product:
In Garage Above Ground Concrete Shelter
5' x 8' x 6'1" height

Installs in Garage or New Construction
                  6" x 12' Hillside