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Vulcan Storm                        

             Certifications and Testing

        * Certified Test Results from Texas Tech
           Wind Science Research
        * Exceeds FEMA 320 / 361 guidlines for 
           storm shelters
        * Certified and stamped engineered plans
        * Manfacturers warranty
        * Installation by licensed contractor
                 Will you be prepared when 
                    a tornado strikes ?
For price quotes, county application information or
FEMA / EMA guidelines.
Tel:#  866.436.7770 or (205) 693.8205
Fax # 866.451.2751
Email:   Vulcanshelters@gmail.com
Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management
​       205.349.0150

Jefferson County Emergency Management

Shelby County Emergency Management
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Welcome to Vulcan Storm Shelters. 
We offer multiply styles and sizes that can accommodate
from 2 to 15 people.
We also custom build Steel Bunkers for 20 + people.

For a free consultation call me, I will be glad to help.

Steve Swalley
Vulcan Storm Shelters

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Tel: (205) 693-8205
Toll Free (866) 436.7770
Email:  vulcanshelters@gmail.com
1919 Oxmoor Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35209
Be prepared, plan and
    Stay Informed
           In Garage, Under Slab
Above Ground Concrete 6' x 12'x 6' 10" Height

      Sizes (3' x 6')    (4' x 7')       (5' x 8')
(205) 693.8205 or (866) 436.7770 (Birmingham)
         6' x 8' Steel Underground
Steel Stairs with Handrail
360 degree seating
                            Custom 6' x 16' with Flat Screen    
Concrete  Shelters
Steel In Garage Under Slab
                                     TV and lighting 
                       Multi Units 
Special  Discounts:
   Financing Available      
  *Military * Educators * Seniors
    (205) 693-8205 or (866) 436-7770
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Fiberglass Underground
                 Low Profile
  FP-8 Aluminum stairs and benches
                FP-10 with lights 
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Steel Underground Shelters
                     Be Prepared
Safe Rooms
Steel 1/4" welded in shop
Delivered and installed as one piece 
Steel afe room New Construction
           Built on Site